Wildflowers Photography Tour

Whether you are crazy about Wildflowers, a nature lover or a foodie, there is something for everyone in this tour!!!  Our first stop is at the Nilgen Nature Reserve Lookout, a truly unique western Australian flora smorgasbord all year round and a perfect stop for macro photography.  Martial has been exploring this part of the world for many years and will be there to assist you with your lens selection and camera settings.  Built in 2010, the new Indian Ocean Drive will take us through an amazing diversity of landscapes, flora and spectacular ocean views. As we approach the sand dunes you could be forgiven for thinking they were snow-covered mountains as the sand is so stunningly white.  Further north, the Nambung National Park is one of the highlights of the day; the Pinnacle Desert offer a splendor of photographic opportunities, casting dramatic shadows with the ever-changing light.

The fresh local crayfish in Cervantes is a must before heading to Moora through the rolling hills and iconic horizons of the Wheat Belt.  As this is a photographic tour, we can stop when and where we want!  Finally, discover the charms of New Norcia and its Spanish architecture style buildings.  Established in 1847, New Norcia is the only monastic town in Australia. The Abbey still today bakes its own bread, produces wine, port and olive products; the Monastery offers an abundance of historical old buildings to test your architectural photographic creativity.

Monks can be seen time-to-time walking outside the monastery, please respect their privacy.

July to November
Group size of 8 to 12 maximum,  price at AU$396 pp


*Alternative dates available for groups of two or more, contact enquiries@bluetonguetours.com for more details.


What’s Included

Morning tea at Nilgen Lookout Nature Reserve
– Varieties of wildflowers [seasonal]
– A taste of nature and macro photography
– Drive through the vast Wanagarren Nature Reserve
– Landscapes, Sand Dunes and others spectacular sights along the way
– Visit the amazing Nambung National Park [Pinnacles photography session]
– Fresh local crayfish and seafood lunch in Cervantes
– Panoramic views of the Wheat Belts on the way to Moora
– National Park fees
– Professional advise from Martial
– Local wine & food tasting / local produce
– Afternoon Tea at New Norcia
– Free time in New Norcia [capture the essence of the 166 yrs old Town]
– Comfortable air-conditioned 4WD/Bus
– Photography group of 8 to 12 maximum

Photography Outline

Nature, Landscapes, Wildflowers, Architecture and History

– Dare to go manual Vs Auto settings, when to change
– Working with available light [read and understanding the light]
– What lenses should I use?
– Camera settings for macro photography
– Camera settings for landscape photography
– Camera settings for nature photography
– Image composition, the golden rules and breaking them
– Understanding your camera
– Reading the histogram and how to fine-tune it?
– Depth of field, be in control
– Adjust the exposure in relation to your subject?
– Capturing raw