Coffee Sessions 2 hrs

Session available Ex Perth and Ex Kalbarri

6 simple steps to take better pictures

Whether you are crazy about photography, on holiday or just bought a new camera, there is something for everyone in this session!!!  Our first stop is at the coffee shop. There we’ll talk about camera settings, lens selection and composition before heading to the river to put in practice what we just learned.   Martial has been working as a professional photographer for over 30 years, a mentor, as well as giving workshops for Nikon in Lausanne Switzerland. He will be there to assist you with all your photography questions.  No gimmicks, no upsells, just sound photographic advice for $59!

Maximum group size of 8, it is a 2 hour session aimed at beginners, travellers and explorers!  

We get lots of requests to open “just one more place” in the sold out workshops, and while we would love to have you along, we would be doing you a disservice if we offered additional places.

The relationship between the photographer and the participants is based on a principle of mentorship and guidance; if the numbers are too high it becomes difficult to connect with everyone.  We’re not here to leave you in the dark, hand out some notes then send you on your way!  Everything we teach during the ‘coffee session’ is aimed to put you in control of your camera, and giving you real results.

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For a unique experience and great photographic tips, book your place online or come visit our landscape Photo Gallery in the Kalbarri Air Charter booking office on Grey Street.

Ex Perth session available all year round on request
Kalbarri – January  
Kalbarri – April
Kalbarri – July
Kalbarri – October
Kalbarri – December

Group size of 8 maximum, price AU$59 pp

 *sessions available most days contact for more details.


What’s Included

What camera do I need for this workshop ?
Your favourite camera and plenty of SD cards 

What’s Included?

– 2 hours tutorial.
– Notebook and fact sheets.
– Fresh coffee.
– Outdoor session.
– Best location in the world.
– Maximum group of 8.
– Discover and learn with like minded people.

The Advantages of a ‘coffee session’

– Experience a high value photography session.
– Understand your camera settings, lens selection and image composition
– Build your skill level, create and learn to take amazing images.
– Depth of field, be in control.
– Adjust the exposure in relation to your subject.
– Small group tuition, One-to-One time with a professional photographer.